When you interact with the Mornington Spiritualist Church Incorporated (‘The Church’) we may collect information relevant to this interaction such as phone numbers or email addresses if this is done on a personal level.

If you interact with ‘The Church’ via our digital platforms such as, but not limited to, our Website, our Facebook page or groups within Facebook, or via On-line Communication platforms such as Zoom, we may collect additional information to help us ensure you have the best possible experience.

Our Privacy Policy describes in detail where and from whom we collect personal information, as well as where we store it and the full list of ways we could use it. To view our Privacy Policy you can view it here or contact the Mornington Spiritualist Church Incorporated Office and request a copy. You can email the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It’s up to you to decide whether to give us your personal information, but without it we might not be able to be of service to you or assist you.

Resolving complaints & disputes

At the Mornington Spiritualist Church Incorporated we are committed to meeting the needs of the community and if for what ever reason, we find ourselves not fulfilling expectations we are committed to resolving any complaints or disputes if we can.

We also do everything we can to safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

Something not right?

Somethings something does not go as we would like and the process below is based upon the ‘The Church’s Rules of Incorporation and as such e are required to follow. This will help us assist you to be heard but also give you a process that will hopefully resolve any complaints of disputes.

Step 1 – Talk to us

If there’s something you’d like to talk to us about, or if you’d like to make a complaint, speak to one of our committee. When you make your complaint please provide as much information as possible. We are here to help resolve your issue.

You can also contact our President directly to make your complaint. Our aim is to resolve all complaints within 14 business days.

Our current President is Val Ollive and her Mobile number is ‭0411 522 554‬.

Step 2 – Escalate your complaint

If we haven't responded to your complaint within 14 days, or if you’re not happy with how we’ve tried to resolve it, you can ask for your complaint to be escalated then the complaint must then be taken in front of the committee whereby they will agree to or appoint an external mediator to attempt in good faith to resolve the dispute or complaint.

The external mediator must be chosen by agreement by both parties.
The parties and mediator will meet and attempt to resolve the matter.
The mediator will then report the success or failure of the mediation to the committee.

Step 3 – Still not resolved?

If you’re not happy with the final decision, or if we’ve taken more than a reasonable time to resolve this matter then the final step is for the parties to seek to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Act or otherwise at law. To take an unresolved matter further you can visit The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria and discuss your concerns with an representative here. https://www.disputes.vic.gov.au/