Our next Service is on

Sunday 26th March 2023

This Service will be held in the Currawong Hall.

Please welcome on Platform:

Les Price - Speaker and Sonny Hart - Demonstrator


Spiritual healing is available for those in need from 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm.

Our professional Healing Team is;

Anna | Chris Broadby | Greta Webster 

John Ledger | Nicole Rhodes | Sheila Morgan



Equina Poetica

 To the small

To the star counters

To the cloud watchers

To the inspired

To the birds and bees

To everyone who has ever cried

To everyone who has ever tried

To those who pull themselves up off the floor

To those who can still find LOVE in their hearts

Even after everything has fallen apart

To those who paint the world each day with the colours

of their open hearted feelings

To those who hope and pray for the world to be ONE

To YOU - thank you.

......Poet's Corner - Shannon Fox.





Personal Numerology with Crystals for 2023

Saturday, 25th March 2023

Shelia Morgan


Sheila Morgan, one of our leading Light Workers has studied and practiced Numerology over the course of many years.

During this Workshop Shelia will present to you what the energies and influences in your life are through the patterns created by numbers.

Your birth time, date, name and current year are important numbers which will help you access the mystery of your spiritual journey (each year) and all form part of the numerology patterns.

This Workshop is for those who wish to understand who they are and the different energies that influence you and determine if there are any hidden challenges including giving us the ability to consciously align, augment and understand our relationship to ourselves and others.

This is a practical afternoon and it is about discovering different aspects of your personal Blueprint and what is in store for you in the coming year.

The Workshop will include:-

  • What your life number is.
  • What your Birth Chart looks like.
  • Which Crystal is the most significant help to you?
  • What do multiple numbers in your chart mean?
  • What complete or free number planes are influencing you throughout your life?
  • How are we collectively influenced by the Universal Year Number and which crystal will enhance this for you.
  • What is your personal year vibration?
  • Which Crystal will help propel you in the right direction to assist you this year?
  • Which complete or free number planes are influencing you this year?

Life is about solutions and numerology is a platform where you can find answers and focus on YOU, giving you the answers to better understand the world around you, how your life is unfolding and to make the most of your unique soul energy.

YOU get to take the information home where you can share your insights and allow yourself to look at those around you to perhaps better understand who they are and the different aspects and gifts that they may have.

PLEASE NOTE – this Numerology Workshop is meant to be combined with next Month’s Workshop where you will further develop yourself by creating a Vision Board both for your personal year including how to brainstorm a problem you may have.

Limit: 20 people only

Duration: 21/2 hours.

Total Cost: $30 ($25 for Church Members).

Provided: Light Refreshments and detailed Notes.

Venue: Currawong Community Centre, Meeting Room 3, Mornington.





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