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Sunday 25th September 2022

This Service will be held in the Currawong Hall

On Platform will be:

Adrian Noyse and Anne Mason - Speaker

Sheila Morgan - Demonstrator


Workshop: Introduction to Crystals with Sheila Morgan

Colour – Chakras – Mandalas

  Time: 1-30pm - 3.30pm

  Date: Saturday 24th September 2022

  Venue: Currawong Meeting Rooms

                   5-17 Currawong St,

                   Mornington VIC 3931

  Contact: 0411 522 554

    Crystals, whether you know about their qualities or just love them for their beauty, these wonderful creations of Mother Earth have been used for centuries to enrich lives and raise spirits just by being what they are – pure energy centres.
  Join Sheila as she creates a Mandala of crystals explaining as she does, how each crystal works with the Colour and the Chakras to enhance our lives, to assist us to live more consciously and to open our awareness of these ever-intriguing gems.
    Bring along your favourite crystals and jewellery, wear your favourite colour and we will take a journey into the fabulous World of Crystals.

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Currawong Community Hall,
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