4 JUNE 2023 


Just a Beginner - In 1973 Michael had a conscious out of body experience just weeks before meeting two of George Eldred’s students who were very enthusiastic about sharing their understanding of Spiritualism.


Being a classic doubting Thomas, it took my friends upstairs some considerable effort to provide a number of convincing situations in which Michael was given substantial evidence to support the philosophy.


Michael was invited to participate in home circles and a rescue circle and these led to the purchase of a V.S.U. membership in 1978 so that he could join a development circle. Being a slow learner it took 14 years sitting in a total of 4 different classes to prepare Michael for platform work.


Michael was also privileged to participate in the Monday night healing group, held at the V.S.U. in A’Beckett Street, Melbourne. Under the guidance of Olive Graham and her guides, the 11-year involvement in this group provided extensive insight into the capabilities of the healing guides.


On the 5th March 2023 the President of the V.S.U. Reverent Lorraine Lee Tet presented Michael with a certificate of life membership. This honour acknowledges a number of years of service to the Divine Spirit, through platform work around Victoria, co-ordinating development classes and healing groups.


It is Michael’s intention to continue being a student of life and of service in this realm for as long as Michael is given, as it is by the Grace of God we go.



 Just remember.......

If you can't meditate,

PAUSE - before every sip of coffee or tea.

If you can't pray,

simply say, "thank you" before every meal.

If you can't manifest,

ENJOY, what is already yours.

And if you can't journal your thoughts,

talk to yourself in the car.

There is no spirituality rulebook.

Just show up for yourself in a way

that feels good for YOU.






Saturday, 24th June 2023


“What Your Hands Can Tell You”

Facilitated by Anna Catanese

Palmistry, now that is a word to conjure with. Also known as Chiromancy, or Chirology, Palmistry is the art of analysing the physical features of the hands; the lines, mounds, and patterns, to interpret personality characteristics, talents, dreams, and past lives.


A potted history of Palmistry. It is believed that this manner of divination began in Ancient India quickly spreading throughout Eurasia to Egypt and Greece. Aristotle detailed palm reading in his work on the ‘History of Animals’ over 2,500 years ago. He argued that “Lines are not drawn without reason.”


So, Palmistry. What think thou? Have you ever looked at your hands and wondered why each is different? Why are there more lines on one hand than the other?


Come along and join Anna as she illuminates just what is going on in your hands and how knowing can bring another dimension of understanding into your life.




DURATION: 21/2 hours.


TOTAL COST: $30 ($25 for Church Members).


PROVIDED: Light Refreshments and detailed Notes.


VENUE: Currawong Community Centre, Meeting Room 3, Mornington.


COME ALONG and learn a little more about palmistry – sign up now! 




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