Why should you consider becoming a member of the 

Mornington Spiritualist Church Incorporated?


Good question……

By joining Mornington Spiritual Church, you are supporting this beautiful spiritual community by keeping the doors open for everyone who is searching to grow spiritually especially in this age of confusion and chaos.


Our intention is to create a community that understands in today’s society we need a culture which nurtures “Spirituality” and brings forth our true nature of kindness, love, and unity for all.


This can be achieved by way of pursuing the exploration of Spirituality, Spiritual Teachings, and the continuation of life beyond death through coming together at MSCI Church Services, Workshops, Meditative Courses and Group gatherings.


Together our aim is that each member of the Mornington Spiritual Church upholds and shares the “Philosophies of Spiritualism” as a guide as to how we need to walk life’s path.


Your membership allows Mornington Spiritual Church to provide a place where everyone can enjoy “Healings” from many of our experienced healers and listen to orations regarding spirituality, including hearing “proof of survival” messages given by our Spiritual Demonstrators.


You will meet with likeminded spiritual people before and after the Sunday service and to complete the day, you can enjoy a cuppa and light refreshments and perhaps join in a “chat”.


Membership is only $20.00 per year.


As we are a “Not for Profit” organization we rely on your donations and memberships to keep the doors open.


By renewing your membership or joining for the first time you will get a $5 discount on the fee for Workshops

*Non-members $30.00

*Members $25.00

Including voting rights at our Annual General Meeting held each year.


So, what do you think?

Sounds like a good idea?

Then you know what to do next.

Come join us.........



The purpose of Mornington Spiritual Church Inc. is as follows:

  • To educate and teach people on the Mornington Peninsula about Spirituality and our True Nature.
  • To pursue the exploration of Spirituality, Spiritual Teachings, and the continuation of personality beyond death through Church Services, Meetings, Workshops, Courses and Groups gatherings.
  • To uphold and share the Philosophies of Spiritualism as a guide as to how to walk life’s path.