"Introduction to The Kabbalah" Workshop

22nd October, 2022 1pm to 3.30pm

What is The Kabbalah?

You are invited to join Sonny as she opens up the world of The Kabbalah, that mystical and ancient knowledge symbolising the nature of divinity, the human soul, and the spiritual path by which man may ascend to his highest potential.

In this introduction we will;

✷ learn a little of the history of the Tradition, briefly tracing its origins from 9th century Assyria to the Middle Ages
✷ explore the meaning behind the Tree of Life and finally
✷ we will use a technique related to a particular sephiroth- sphere of influence - to improve our experience of everyday life.

The fee for the workshop is $30 for non-members, $25 for Members.

Please Note: The code word is "member" in lower case.